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Fantasies are what we specialize and fetish phone sex is one of them!  We have been doing this for over 6 years now and in that time we have come to appreciate the incredible imagination of our callers, men or women! We have come to experience all kinds of fetish phone sex fantasies and you might say we are expert at it. So if you fantasize about domination, or submission, or shemale or any other taboo fantasies, we're your bitches! Fetish phone sex is what we do!

Phone Sex Fetish: Toll Free 1-888-281-2223 (BABE).

10 minutes call: $ 24.95
30 minutes call: $ 49.95 
Sex with TWO women at the same time?  No problem: 30 minutes call: $ 79.95

Fetish Phone Sex Call 1-888-281-2223 (BABE).

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